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EMBODYING CSR THROUGH ALIGNED COMMUNICATION - a case study from a small sustainable Danish bank

Thomsen, E. H. (Creator), Aalborg Universitetsforlag, 2017


Weighted GAMP Phase Transitions

Oxvig, C. S. (Creator), Arildsen, T. (Creator), Larsen, T. (Creator), Zenodo, 5 Sep 2018


Experimental data set from a benchmark test of delamination growth with varying crack growth rate and crack front shape under quasi-static and fatigue loading

Carreras, L. (Creator), Renart, J. (Creator), Turon, A. (Creator), Costa, J. (Creator), Bak, B. L. V. (Creator), Lindgaard, E. (Creator), de la Escalera, F. M. (Creator), Essa, Y. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 29 Oct 2018


C19 SymMaps survey data

Boudreau, S. (Data Collector), VBN, 1 Apr 2020