Additional file 1: of Establishment of age- and sex-adjusted reference data for hand bone mass and investigation of hand bone loss in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated in clinical practice: an observational study from the DANBIO registry and the Copenhagen Osteoarthritis Study

  • Jakob Espesen (Creator)
  • Bente Glintborg (Creator)
  • Anja Thormann (Creator)
  • Lars Hyldstrup (Creator)
  • Wolfgang Peter Bøhme (Creator)
  • Annette M Mortensen Schlemmer (Creator)
  • Uta Engling Poulsen (Creator)
  • Mikkel Østergaard (Creator)
  • Pernille Bøyesen (Creator)
  • Hanne Lindegaard (University of Southern Denmark) (Creator)
  • Pernille Bach-Mortensen (Creator)
  • Lykke Midtbøll Ørnbjerg (Creator)
  • Anne Rødgaard (Creator)
  • Merete Lund Hetland (Creator)
  • Dorte Vendelbo Jensen (Creator)
  • Ulrik Tarp (Creator)
  • Trine Jensen (Creator)
  • Ole Rintek Madsen (Creator)
  • Niels Graudal (Creator)
  • Gina Birgitte Kollerup (Creator)



Estimated mean annual change in DXR-BMD (i.e. normal HBL/year) in 2541 Danish women and 1485 Danish men. A Table of the estimated mean annual changes in DXR-BMD (i.e. normal HBL/year) in men and women derived from the final models for each year of age from 18 to 89 years in the reference cohort. (DOCX 31 kb)
Date made available1 Jan 2016

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