Additional file 1: of Wolf outside, dog inside? The genomic make-up of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

  • Marco Galaverni (Creator)
  • Pavel Hulva (Creator)
  • Milena Jind?ichov? (Creator)
  • Astrid Vik Strønen (Creator)
  • Paolo Carnier (Creator)
  • Ettore Randi (University of Bologna) (Creator)
  • Ihor Dykyy (Creator)
  • Romolo Caniglia (Creator)
  • Elena Fabbri (Creator)
  • Barbora Černá Bolfíková (Creator)
  • Alessio Camatta (Creator)



Figure S1. FST heat plot matrix of the genetic distances among groups computed from the 126k dataset in SVS. The most distant breed to Carpathian wolves (WCA) is the English Bulldog (EBD) while the closest one is the ancient breed Shar-Pei (ShP). As expected the least differentiated breed from the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (CWD) is the German Shepherd (GSh). (PDF 200 kb)
Date made available14 Jul 2018

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