Additional file 4: Figure S2. of Regulatory dissection of the CBX5 and hnRNPA1 bi-directional promoter in human breast cancer cells reveals novel transcript variants differentially associated with HP1α down-regulation in metastatic cells

  • Rune Thomsen (Creator)
  • Johan Vad-Nielsen (Creator)
  • Anders Lade Nielsen (Creator)
  • Tina Fuglsang Daugaard (Creator)
  • Boe Sandahl Sørensen (Contributor)
  • Kristine Raaby Jakobsen (Creator)
  • Anja Brügmann (Creator)



TSA effects on CBX1, CBX3 and CBX5 expression. A) mRNA expression analysis of the CBX1, CBX3 and CBX5 response towards TSA. Relative expression levels of CBX mRNA in MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 cells after 24 h treatment with TSA or control DMSO. Relative expression was calculated from RT-qPCR using GAPDH expression for normalization. For all panels, bars represent mean values with standard deviations. B) Immunofluorescence analysis of HP1α (upper panels) or DAPI staining in MDA-MB-231 cells either untreated or TSA treated for 24 h. C) Zooming in on a representative immunofluorescence analysis of HP1α in MDA-MB-231 cells with arrows pointing on heterochromatic spots. (PDF 914 kb)
Date made available1 Jan 2016

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