Additional file 6: Figure S4. of Regulatory dissection of the CBX5 and hnRNPA1 bi-directional promoter in human breast cancer cells reveals novel transcript variants differentially associated with HP1α down-regulation in metastatic cells

  • Rune Thomsen (Creator)
  • Anja Brügmann (Creator)
  • Johan Vad-Nielsen (Creator)
  • Anders Lade Nielsen (Creator)
  • Tina Fuglsang Daugaard (Creator)
  • Boe Sandahl Sørensen (Contributor)
  • Kristine Raaby Jakobsen (Creator)



Expression analysis of hnRNPA1, HP1α-V3 and STET in breast cancer biopsies normalized to normal breast biopsies. A-E) Based on a standard curve of serial dilutions of cDNA with known concentrations, quantification was determined from single measurements with the second derivate max method by the LightCycler software. Relative expression was calculated using HMBS for normalization. To correct for diversity of baseline expression between patients, expression of each carcinoma sample was further normalized to the corresponding normal breast tissue sample of that patient. Results are presented as log-transformed values of HMBS and normal breast tissue normalized data. N indicates the number of samples with measurements above limit of detection. For all panels, bars represent mean values with standard deviations. ** P 
Date made available1 Jan 2016

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