Additional file 8: of Wolf outside, dog inside? The genomic make-up of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

  • Marco Galaverni (Creator)
  • Astrid Vik Strønen (Creator)
  • Milena Jindřichová (Creator)
  • Paolo Carnier (Creator)
  • Pavel Hulva (Creator)
  • Ihor Dykyy (Creator)
  • Elena Fabbri (Creator)
  • Alessio Camatta (Creator)
  • Romolo Caniglia (Creator)
  • Barbora Černá Bolfíková (Creator)
  • Ettore Randi (University of Bologna) (Creator)



Figure S7a. BGC alpha parameter outlier SNPs. Values lower than 0 indicate excess of wolf alleles, values higher than 0 indicate excess of dog alleles. BGC significant outliers are indicated by blue crosses (top or bottom 1% of the empirical distribution of values) and by red dots (95% credibility intervals of 10,000 iterations not including 0). Figure S7b. BayeScan outlier SNPs detected comparing differences in allele frequency between Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and German Shepherds (right) and between Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and Carpathian wolves (left). The vertical axis indicates mean FST values between populations, and the horizontal axis indicates the logarithm of posterior odds (log(PO)). The vertical line indicates the log(PO) value corresponding to the false discovery rate threshold of 0.05. Loci on the right of this line are putatively under selection. (PDF 312 kb)
Date made available14 Jul 2018

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