Code, Benchmarks, and Data of Faster Stackelberg Planning via Symbolic Search and Information Sharing



The latest version of this repository is: Installation ================== To build the tool, navigate to the /src folder and execute: ./build_all Usage ================== ./ --search The recommended "default" configurations are: * For easy instances: "sym_stackelberg(optimal_engine=symbolic(plan_reuse_minimal_task_upper_bound=false, plan_reuse_upper_bound=true), upper_bound_pruning=false)" * For harder instances: "sym_stackelberg(optimal_engine=symbolic(plan_reuse_minimal_task_upper_bound=true, plan_reuse_upper_bound=true, force_bw_search_minimum_task_seconds=30, time_limit_seconds_minimum_task=300), upper_bound_pruning=true)" The difference is weather you activate upper bound pruning, which requires some pre-processing. You may control the amount of pre-processing with the time limits: force_bw_search_minimum_task_seconds and time_limit_seconds_minimum_task For the net-benefit planning variant use ./ --translate-options --soft 10000 --search-options --search This will set the reward for each individual goal to 10000 units of cost. PDDL Format ================== The set of actions has to be divided in leader and follower actions. To specify this in PDDL we simply adopt the following convention: * Leader actions have a name that starts with fix_ * Follower actions have a name that starts with attack_ Note: this naming convention comes from a pentesting context where leader actions fix vulnerabilities in a network and the follower "attacks" the network by exploiting the remaining vulnerabilities. Benchmarks ================== The benchmarks folder contains the benchmarks used to evaluate the algorithms. We used the following nomenclature: * rs42: a random seed of 42 was used to select which subset of actions is available for the leader. * tcX: where X is a number that specifies how many of the follower's actions the leader can disable. * -driving-: Benchmarks containing the word driving, the leader needs to move along the network in order to disable follower's actions. Experiments ================== The experiments/aaai21 folder contains the scripts used to run the experiments: * parses the output of the planner. * configs: all the configurations used for the experiments * creates lab scripts, one for each config and puts them into a folder * executes all lab scripts within the folder created by * fetches all results from all runs of all configs and re-writes some attributes for the scripts, the resulting properties file should be provided to and * Used to generate some of the plots in the paper, the resulting properties file should be provided to * prints the coverage table included in the paper * Used to generate the plots in the paper that compare New vs Net benchmarks The properties file provided is the one that was gathered by, before being processed by
Date made available2021

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