CRISPS coding scheme for complex casual leisure search requests — Auxiliary materials



This repository contains auxiliary materials related to the CRISPS coding scheme for complex casual leisure search requests. The CRISPS coding scheme is described in the article "Understanding Complex Casual Leisure Information Needs: An Analysis of Search Requests for Books, Games, Movies and Music" by Toine Bogers (= corresponding author), Maria Gäde, Marijn Koolen, Vivien Petras, and Mette Skov. The article provides a comprehensive analysis of complex search requests in the casual leisure domains of books, games, movies and music using the CRISPS coding scheme.

This repository contains the following auxiliary materials:

The CRISPS codebooks for all four domains along with examples for each code and a comparison between the four domains (codebook.pdf)The CRISPS coding scheme figures from the article in a single PDF file (coding-scheme.pdf)The CRISPS coding scheme from the article in a machine-readable TSV-format (coding-scheme.tsv)All 2000 posts along with their assigned CRISPS codes in TSV-format (all-posts.tsv)
Date made available2022

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