Data from: North-south differentiation and a region of high diversity in European wolves (Canis lupus)

  • Astrid Vik Strønen (Contributor)
  • Bogumila Jedrzejewska (Contributor)
  • Cino Pertoldi (Contributor)
  • Ditte Demontis (Contributor)
  • Ettore Randi (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) (Contributor)
  • Magdalena Niedziałkowska (Contributor)
  • M. Pilot (Contributor)
  • Vadim E. Sidorovich (Contributor)
  • Ihor Dykyy (Contributor)
  • Josip Kusak (Contributor)
  • Elena Tsingarska (Contributor)
  • Ilpo Kojola (Contributor)
  • Alexandros A. Karamanlidis (Contributor)
  • Aivars Ornicans (Contributor)
  • Vladimir A. Lobkov (Contributor)
  • Vitalii Dumenko (Contributor)
  • Sylwia D. Czarnomska (Contributor)


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