Dataset accompanying Andersen et al. 2020 Journal of Vegetation Science



The data presented here is the data used in the paper 'Turnover and change in plant species composition in a shielded salt marsh following variation in precipitation and temperature' by Andersen et al. 2020 Journal of Vegetation Science. The study was funded by Aage V. Jensens Naturfond (AVJNF) [Project title (in Danish): Udvikling af en forvaltningsstrategi, der tilgodeser hele økosystemet i De Østlige Vejler]. The data is arranged in four spreadsheets: Plot values: - Contains information for the 40 sampling plot sampled in each of 2017 and 2018. - The results represent mean values per sampling plot. - Ellenberg values are caluculated based on the species present in the 5 m circle. - Units provided along with column name. Presence absence 5m: - Species names listed in latin. - '1' denotes that the species was present in the 5 m circle, '0' denotes its absence. Pin point frequency: - Species names in latin. - The numeric values indicates how many times the given species was registred within the pinpoint frame. GPS coordinates: - Coordinates are in WGS 1984 format.
Date made available29 Jan 2020

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