European Values Study 2017: Integrated Dataset (EVS 2017) - Sensitive Data

  • EVS (Creator)
  • Ilir Gedeshi (Contributor)
  • Merab Pachulia (Contributor)
  • Gevorg Poghosyan (Contributor)
  • Sylvia Kritzinger (Contributor)
  • David Rotman (Contributor)
  • Georgy Fotev (Contributor)
  • Josip Baloban (Contributor)
  • Jadranka Kolenović-Đapo (Contributor)
  • Stjepan Baloban (Contributor)
  • Ladislav Rabušic (Contributor)
  • Erki Saar (Contributor)
  • Morten Frederiksen (Contributor)
  • Kimmo Ketola (Contributor)
  • Christof Wolf (Contributor)
  • Merab Pachulia (Contributor)
  • Pierre Bréchon (Contributor)
  • David Voas (Contributor)
  • Gergely Rosta (Contributor)
  • Guðbjörg Andrea Jónsdóttir (Contributor)
  • Giancarlo Rovati (Contributor)
  • Ruta Ziliukaite (Contributor)
  • Antoanela Petkovska (Contributor)
  • Anders T. Jenssen (Contributor)
  • Olivera Komar (Contributor)
  • Tim Reeskens (Contributor)
  • Bogdan Voicu (Contributor)
  • Mirosława Marody (Contributor)
  • Natalia Soboleva (Contributor)
  • Miloš Bešić (Contributor)
  • Katarina Strapcová (Contributor)
  • Samo Uhan (Contributor)
  • María Silvestre Cabrera (Contributor)
  • Susanne Wallman Lundåsen (Contributor)
  • Michèle Ernst Stähli (Contributor)
  • Alice Ramos (Contributor)
  • Olga Balakireva (Contributor)
  • Inta Mieriņa (Contributor)
  • Tirana Center For Economic And Social Studies (CESS) (Contributor)
  • Yerevan InterRating CoLtd (Contributor)
  • Vienna Institut Für Empirische Sozialforschung (IFES) GmbH (Contributor)
  • Baku Sorgu (Contributor)
  • Belarusian State University Centre For Sociological And Political Research (Contributor)
  • Sarajevo Custom Concept D.O.O. (Contributor)
  • Sofia Alpha Research LTD (Contributor)
  • Zagreb Catholic University Of Croatia (Contributor)
  • A.S. STEM/MARK (Contributor)
  • Copenhagen Statistics Denmark-Survey (Contributor)
  • Tallinn AS Emor (Contributor)
  • Lemuntie 9 Taloustutkimus Oy (Contributor)
  • Tbilisi GORBI (Georgian Opinion Research Business International) (Contributor)
  • Kantar Public Kantar Deutschland GmbH (Contributor)
  • London NatCen Social Research (Contributor)
  • Budapest Forsense (Contributor)
  • SSRI Social Science Research Institute (Contributor)
  • Milano Doxa Spa (Contributor)
  • Vilnius Baltic Surveys (Contributor)
  • Podgorica DeFacto Consultancy (Contributor)
  • Enschede I&O Research B.V. (Contributor)
  • Skopje Faculty Of Philosophy (Contributor)
  • Oslo Statistics Norway (Contributor)
  • Warszawa Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej (Public Opinion Research Centre) (Contributor)
  • Romania IRES: Institutul Roman Pentru Evaluare Si Strategie (Contributor)
  • Moscow CESSI (Institute For Comparative Social Research) (Contributor)
  • Novi Sad Nina Media (Contributor)
  • Bratislava Kantar TNS (Contributor)
  • Faculty Of Social Science University Of Ljubljana (Contributor)
  • Madrid MyWord Research SL (Contributor)
  • Härnösand IPSOS Observer Sweden AB (Contributor)
  • Trend S.A M.I.S (Contributor)
  • Switzerland (Face-To-Face) AndSwiss Centre For Expertise In The Social Sciences FORS C/O University Of Lausanne Lausanne (Contributor)
  • Lisbon GfK-Metris (Contributor)
  • Kiev Social Monitoring Center (Contributor)
  • Riga Socioloģisko Pētījumu Institūts (Contributor)



The European Values Study is a large-scale, cross-national and longitudinal survey research program on how Europeans think about family, work, religion, politics, and society. Repeated every nine years in an increasing number of countries, the survey provides insights into the ideas, beliefs, preferences, attitudes, values, and opinions of citizens all over Europe. As previous waves conducted in 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, the fifth EVS wave maintains a persistent focus on a broad range of values. Questions are highly comparable across waves and regions, making EVS suitable for research aimed at studying trends over time. The new wave has seen a strengthening of the methodological standards. The full release of the EVS 2017 includes data and documentation of altogether 37 participating countries. For more information, please go to the EVS website. Topics: unified respondent number; country code (ISO 3166-1 numeric code); country abbreviation (ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code); country and year of fieldwork (ISO 3166-1 numeric code); kind of job respondent - 3 digit ISCO08 code; kind of job spouse/partner - 3 digit ISCO08 code; region where interview was conducted: NUTS-3 code; region where interview was conducted: ISO_NUTS-3 code; size of town where interview was conducted.
Date made available16 May 2022
Date of data production19 Jun 2017 - 1 Oct 2021
Geographical coverageSwitzerland

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