Open4Citizens Hack1 Evaluation Template

  • Louise Klitgaard Torntoft (Creator)



PDF'ed version of the PowerPoint template used by all 5 Open4Citizens project pilots to gather evaluation material from their project cycle 1 hackathon in 2016.
Date made available4 Jul 2018
Date of data production15 Sep 2016
Geographical coverageEurope


O4C: Open4Citizens. Empowering citizens to the make meaningful use of open data

Morelli, N., De Götzen, A., Mardare, D., Torntoft, L. K., Concilio, G., Molinari, F., Mulder, I., Kun, P., Jaskiewicz, T., Aguilar, M., Edman, T., Falk, P., Pedersen, J. S. & Jensen, K.


Project: Research

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Torntoft, L. K. (Creator) (4 Jul 2018). Open4Citizens Hack1 Evaluation Template. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.1305025