DBpedia graph embeddings using RDF2Vec. RDF2Vec embedding generation code can be found here and is based on a publication by Portisch et al. [1].

The embeddings dataset consists of 200-dimensional vectors of DBpedia entities (from 1/9/2021).

Figure of cosine similarities between a selected set of DBpedia entities are provided in the dataset here.


Generating Embeddings

The code for generating these embeddings can be found here.

Run the script that wraps all the necessary commmands to generate embeddings


The script downloads a set of DBpedia files, which are listed in dbpedia_files.txt. It then builds a Docker image and runs a container of that image that generates the embeddings for the DBpedia graph defined by the DBpedia files.

A folder files is created containing all the downloaded DBpedia files, and a folder embeddings/dbpedia is created containing the embeddings in vectors.txt along a set of random walk files.


Run Time of Embeddings Generation

Generating embeddings can take more than a day, but it depends on the number of DBpedia files chosen to be downloaded. Following are some basic run time statistics when embeddings are generated on a 64 GB RAM, 8 cores (AMD EPYC), 1 TB SSD, 1996.221 MHz machine.

Total: 1 day, 8 hours, 52 minutes, 41 secondsWalk generation: 0 days, 7 minutes, 24 minutes, 36 secondsTraining: 1 day, 1 hour, 28 minutes, 5 seconds


Parameters Used

Here is listed the parameters used to generate the embeddings provided here:

Number of walks per entity: 100Depth (hops) per walk: 4Walk generation mode: RANDOM_WALKS_DUPLICATE_FREEThreads: # of processors / 2Training mode: sgEmbeddings vector dimension: 200Minimum word2vec word count: 1Sample rate: 0.0Training window size: 5Training epochs: 5
Date made available22 Mar 2022

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