Reablement professionals’ perspectives on client characteristics and factors associated with successful home-based reablement: a qualitative study



Abstract Background To understand what is needed to achieve a successful Danish home-based reablement service from the perspective of reablement professionals. Methods Semi-structured interviews and observations were conducted with nine professionals within a municipal visitation unit in the Northern Denmark Region. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the interviews. Results Four major themes emerged during this study: “Heterogeneity of clients and mixed attitudes towards the reablement intervention”, “Shared understanding and acknowledging the need for help as the first step in reablement”, “Commitment and motivation are essential for successful reablement”, and “Homecare helpers as most important team players”. The findings indicate that the clients had both mixed characteristics and attitudes about participating in the reablement intervention. Essential factors for successful reablement included a shared understanding of the reablement intervention, commitment, and motivation in terms of client involvement and staff group collaboration. Conclusions Shared understanding of the reablement intervention, commitment, and motivation was found to be essential factors and the driving forces in relation to successful reablement.
Date made available2021

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