Reconstruction Algorithms in Undersampled AFM Imaging - final code

  • Thomas Arildsen (Creator)
  • Christian Schou Oxvig (Contributor)
  • Patrick Steffen Pedersen (Contributor)
  • Jan Østergaard (Contributor)
  • Torben Larsen (Contributor)



This software was used for producing the simulation results for the paper "Reconstruction Algorithms in Undersampled AFM
Imaging", published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing:

This deposition consists of a number of Python scripts, some of which were used for producing the results in the accompanying data set available at and some of which can be used to extract data and images from said data set. The deposition further contains a README file explaining the purpose and use of the individual files as well as MD5 and SHA checksums of the files for validating the integrity of the files after download.

The scripts are licensed under the BSD 2-Clause license (

The scripts perform and analyse results from simulations using images, and reconstructed versions of these, originally published in the data set available at
Date made available30 Oct 2015

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