Acoustic Reverberation Room

    Facility: Testing facility

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      Frederik Bajersvej 7A


      Aalborg Øst



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    The reverberation room is constructed to reflect sound as much as possible, thus it is the acoustic opposite of an anechoic room. For this purpose all the walls, the floor and the ceiling are made from smoothly painted concrete. Reflective slabs make the sound field more diffuse.

    Due to the hard and rigid surfaces in the room, the sound dies out slowly. At e.g. 100 Hz the reverberation time is as long as 13 seconds. The reverberation room is particularly suitable for measurements of the properties of sound-absorbing materials. In addition, the room is used to determine radiated noise from machines, e.g. washing machines, drills and fans. A pressure field chamber is installed in the corner.
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