Advanced pain psychophysics and Neuromodulation

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      Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 (D2-113)

      9220 Aalborg Ø


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    Research Focus
    The primary focus of is to study factors associated with pain (provoking, probing and modulating), develop experimental pain models and develop new pain assessment tool with a strong focus on the nervous system. Examples of studies include (but not limited to) mechanistic studies to understand pain neuroplasticity, how sleep deprivation impact pain sensitivity, how brain stimulations modulate the descending pain inhibitory systems and the development of the cuff algometer.

    Specialized Equipment
    This laboratory is linked to the other pain laboratories and equipment is shared between the laboratories. Specialized equipment is focused on cuff algometry, thermal detection and pain thresholds testing (e.g. the Medoc Pathway system), brain stimulation systems (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and transcranial direct-current stimulation systems) and a range of custom-made equipment (e.g. von-frey and pinprick system, and various devices for testing of conditioned pain modulation). Additionally, the laboratory includes advanced neurophysiological equipment (e.g. EEG, TMS, neuro-navigate systems).
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