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      AAU Datacenter

      Aalborg Øst



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    AI Cloud Service comprises of special infrastrature, software stack, and support activities which all gear toward artificial intelligence (AI) and GPU-based computation.

    The service runs SLURM workload manager for automatic resource allocation and supports container technologies for isolated, flexible and reproducible compute environment. Each compute node is a NVIDIA DGX2 machine which contains 16 Tesla Volta V100 GPUs (32GB RAM each), 1.5TB of RAM, 30TB of NVME (SSD) for scratch space. Total GPU computation power is around 6 PetaFLOPS.

    Please check this page to see how you can get access and use the service:

    For general computation needs that use normal CPUs in form of virtual machines to run desktop applications similar to what you would run on a single workstation, please check out our Compute Service.


    NameAI Cloud Service
    Acquisition date01/12/2018


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