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    The Biomedical Research Laboratory at Aalborg University Hospital (North) is an offering to those who need to use experimental animals as part of their research or in connection with their education.

    In the Biomedical Research Laboratory, as a researcher, you can use laboratories and perform experiments on pigs, rabbits, rats and mice - or you can, as a student, practice your surgical skills in decorated operating rooms. Six highly qualified veterinary technicians, two surgical nurses and a veterinarian are employed on site. They take care of the animals and are available to the laboratory's guests.
    The laboratory is not for general lending, but if you are interested in an agreement, you can contact Benedict Kjærgaard (
    The Biomedical Research Laboratory is aimed at staff at the Region of North Jutland's hospitals as well as Aalborg University, and can also be used by doctors etc. from both inland and abroad.

    What is offered?
    · Laboratory animals: Pigs, mini pigs, rabbits, rats, mice.
    · Furnished operating rooms with intensive respirator and blood test analysis equipment.
    · Instruments for common surgical procedures.
    · Operational Robot.
    · Possibility of X-ray screening.
    · Laboratory facilities.
    · Animal technicians who, in addition to caring, grooming and raising the animals, have skills in conventional surgery, microsurgical procedures, pain management and anesthesia.
    · Support to prepare an application for a permit for animal testing so that they comply with all applicable regulations.

    The Biomedical Research Laboratory provides facilities for teaching surgical skills. It can for example. take place through MIUC, but specialist doctors can also arrange individual training.

    The operating cost of using the Biomedical Research Laboratory depends on the nature of the use. It may be possible to seek funding for this if the use is part of a research project. Contact the Fundraising and Project Management Unit (FUPA) for assistance with a fund application.


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