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      Online software available for analyzing energy systems with associated data and models.

      EnergyLab facilitates software and resources for analyzing energy systems. This is done by making the EnergyPLAN analysis tool freely available. It can be used by planners, researchers and others with an interest in analyzing e.g. the conversion to 100% renewable energy, district heating systems etc. These analyzes can be carried out at local and national level. In connection with EnergyPLAN, a number of resources are also made available. These include training tasks, manuals, dataset and pre-existing models for selected countries and cities.

      EnergyLab is responsible for the constant development of the software EnergyPLAN, which typically releases a new version every six months. In addition, there is the possibility of support for the use of the tool, just as EnergyLab ensures that models, data and other things are developed and put on the website for the users.
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