Motor Behavior and Performance Laboratory

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      Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 (A2-102)

      9220 Aalborg Ø


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    Research Focus

    An important part of the research carried out in this laboratory focuses on voluntary human rhythmic movement, such as cycling, walking, running, and swimming. We are working to add to the knowledge on motor behaviour and motor control. Why are humans moving like they do? And how are their movements controlled? To investigate these types of questions we often apply cycling as an exercise model. Besides, we intervene with e.g. heavy strength training and experimental pain and apply advanced biomechanical and physiological measurements. Another part of the research is focussed on human performance. Many different factors - including for example training, equipment, movement pattern, and nutrition – affect performance. Are these factors optimised so that the best possible performance is attained? We often test and develop sports equipment with the overall goal to enhance human performance. We also investigate the effect of different training interventions on performance. Participants in our studies may be children, adults, individuals with disorders, elderly, or trained athletes. 

    Specialized Equipment

    SRM cycle ergometer

    Cable based multi exercise strength training machine


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