Smart Water Infrastructures Laboratory (SWIL)

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    Fredrik Bajers Vej 7C.


    Aalborg Øst



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The AAU Smart Water Infrastructures Lab is a modular test facility that can be configured to emulate Water Distribution Networks, Waste Water Collection or District Heating Systems. This laboratory aims to address problems in the water cycle management with focus on how control technology can contribute to provide solutions.
The lab modularity makes it possible to perform realistic experiments where different network topologies are reproduced and multiple scenarios are emulated a such as water leakage, transport delays, sewer overflow, stochastic disturbances or cyberattacks.
This test-beds are equipped with local data acquisition systems and a central control unit. The flexibility in the control architecture creates a suitable framework for both centralized (SCADA) and decentralized/distributed control strategies. New control strategies can be validated and data driven control strategies such as reinforcement learning can be tested without the risk of harming real networks and people. The test-beds make it possible to test fault detection algorithms, leakage detection, and cyber robust algorithms in a safe environment.


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