Traffic Research Lab

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      Thomas Manns Vej 23

      Room 1.-104

      Aalborg Øst



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    The Traffic Research Lab supports researchers with measurement equipment and special programs for collecting and processing traffic data. Among other things, we have video cameras with hard drives and power supply, which enables long-term recordings of traffic flow as well as small action cameras, which are easy to use for smaller recordings up to 24 hours. A focus point has been to stay up to date with traffic sensor technology, and the laboratory owns LIDAR used for 3-dimensional detection of traffic flow, as well as radars for traffic detection at intersections and portable magnetic traffic counters for vehicle counts and speed measurements at specific locations. The Traffic Research Lab is also developing software for analysis of radar, LIDAR and video data.

    Using our mobile mast, we can install cameras or other sensors in locations where there is no existing infrastructure. The mast consists of five elements each 2 meters long, so it is possible to adjust the height to fit the location where you want to record.

    • AXIS RGB ip-cameras
    • AXIS IR ip-cameras
    • Yi-action cameras
    • Smart Micro Traffic Radar
    • Flir TrafiRadar
    • Velodyne HDL-32E LIDAR
    • GPS-logger
    • Seat accelerometer 
    • Radar and laser sensors for speed measurements
    • Noise Sensor
    • Mobile Mast
    • Lift


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