Video equipment in trolley

    Facility: Equipment

    Equipments Details


    Camera (Panasonic HC-V800)

    With SD card of 256GB inside
    Charger for camera
    USB to USB mini connector (for data transfer from camera to computer)
    Instructions for use
    Camera tripod (Velbon EX-630)

    Standard PC with charger and the video and audio editing programs Camtasia and Audacity

    Socket with cord (3m)

    Location guide (for suitcase)

    Headset / Headphones (Sennheiser HD 65 TV)

    Microphone set (Rødelink filmmaker kit) consisting of:

    Receiver marked "RX"
    Transmitter marked "TX"
    Microphone with AUX output
    AUX to AUX jacks
    Instructions for use for receiver / RX
    Operating instructions for transmitter / TX
    Small bag containing: Wind hood (fur), Foam hood (typically on the microphone), Extra "hot shoe mount"

    Note: It is possible to borrow three LED panels for extra lighting.
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