Creation and Organisation of 'Denmark Alumni Network Bangladesh'

Impact: Social impact, Economic impact, Cultural impact

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Following a research on how diaspora and civil society actors contribute to sustainable internationalization of MNEs in emerging economics, published in Journal of International Management, I proposed an idea to the Ambassador of Denmark to Dhaka, Winnie Estrup Petersen, in 2018 that alumni network of the Bangladeshi graduates from Danish higher education institutions can bridge Bangladeshi and Danish business communities as well as Danish and Bangladeshi governments and Civil society initiatives that aim to foster growth and development of society and both countries business communities. She happily agreed and invited me to take the initiative to organise and create an alumni network, which I, in collaboration with Danida fellowship center, have created on 26 February 2020 at the Danish Embassy premises. ( )
Initially the network was created as ‘Danish Alumni Network Bangladesh’ with around 70 members, and a working committee was created at the meeting in Danish Embassy.
However, later the convening committee/working committee (8 members committee) unanimously elected me as the chair of the convening (adhoc) committee on 20 march, 2020. The chair of the convening committee in collaboration with the task forces will do the necessary activities to create and register the organisation in Bangladeshi institutional system while it aims to rename it to 'Denmark Alumni Network Bangladesh'. This network is a social entrepreneurship by me and other co-founders, which aims to to bridge Danish and Bangladeshi business communities, governments and civil society actors to foster international business and local development.
Impact date31 Jan 201731 Dec 2031
Category of impactSocial impact, Economic impact, Cultural impact
Impact levelEngagement