DEAN's Strategy 2022: Closing the value-action gap in the green transition: Informing and engaging with renewable and new energy technologies.

Impact: Social impact, Quality of life impact

Description of impact

I was invited to contribute to Dean's Strategy for the faculty of social sciences and humanities at AAU. I and Yariv Taran from the Business School attended the faculty representative meeting to co-develop the strategy document for DEAN on research and education focusing climate change transition, sustainability and circular economy.
The meeting came up to the following goals and activities:
Key goals:  

Qualifying and designing sustainable innovation policy and environmental law and practice

Reducing uncertainties related to societal acceptance of new and renewable energy technologies across all levels of society  

Promote energy sustainable measures across society

Enhance knowledge about current and future sustainable business practices  

Facilitate green behavior and practices in society

 Actions and targets:

Present a critical assessment of frameworks/regulations and make concrete policy recommendations to help overcome some of the political, social, ethical and legal barriers

Apply various digital modelling techniques to facilitate sustainable decision-making in the public and private sector

Communicate, engage, and collaborate with citizens, companies, and civic society regarding the social impact of new and renewable technological usages

Provide knowledge support to firms and policy makers to upgrade sustainability capability for organisations operating in national and cross-national contexts. The action will also focus on business system and eco-system reconfiguration through green transition. 

Create digital planforms to facilitate knowledge exchange and business disseminations

Map and analyse discourses and narratives of green behaviour and practices. Work with the public and private sector to create and organise spaces for public discussion and democratic decision-making on sustainable practices  

Category of impactSocial impact, Quality of life impact