Description of impact

The voluntary sustainability class is to be a foundation, which, in an accessible, cost-free and uniform way, ensures that sustainable construction becomes easier in Denmark. Aalborg University has been tasked with entering into the voluntary sustainability class' test panel, to ensure that it works in a way appropriate for the construction industry. This test contributes with a social impact by investigating how the industry has used and experienced the use of the voluntary sustainability class, so as to make the class more accessible. At the same time, the project contributes a public policy impact, as it is to help Bolig- og Planstyrelsen with the development of the sustainability class. There is also an other impact, as the project will contribute to ensuring that construction in Denmark becomes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Lastly, the project can create economic impact, as the class is to ensure economically viable sustainable construction.
Category of impactSocial impact, Public policy impact, Other impact, Economic impact