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Organization profile

Organisation profile

The focus for Aalborg Thrombosis Research Unit (ATRU) is to study the basic and clinical aspects of thrombosis and vascular diseases and to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

ATRU is an interdisciplinary, international center with a scientific staff rooted in medicine, epidemiology, statistics, engineering and economics. The center has a good mixture of younger and experienced, senior researchers, and most of the researchers come from the Aalborg area.

ATRU was established as a research center in 2012 with support from the Obel Family Foundation and the Northern Jutland Region. The center is headed by clinical professor,Torben Bjerregaard Larsen.

In 2013, Professor Gregory Y.H. Lip was associated with ATRU and appointed adjunct professor at the Clinical Institute, Aalborg University and the same year honoured as an honorary doctorate at the University. In 2018, he was appointed distinguished professor.

The center supports the formation of national and international research networks and collaboration across clinical hospital departments and university units. The center covers all aspects of cardiovascular research, including epidemiology, statistics, and drug safety research (pharmacovigilance). 



Torben Bjerregaard Larsen (professor og head)

Gregory Y.H. Lip (distinguished professor)

Peter Brønnum Nielsen (associate professor and senior epidemiologist)

Flemming Skjøth (associate professor and senior statistician)

Mette Søgaard (associate professor and senior epidemiologist)

Anette Arbjerg Højen (post doc)

Martin Jensen (statistician)

Anne Ording (senior epidemiologist)

Maja Tharup (research assistant)


PhD students

Chalotte Winther Nicolajsen

Marie Ørskov

Amalie Lambert Mørkved (Aarhus University)


Completed PhD students (Aalborg University)

Line Melgaard (2016)

Thure Filskov Overvad (2016)

Søren Due Andersen (2016)

Henrik Vadmann (2016)

Anette Arbjerg Højen (2016)

Anne Sig Vestergaard (2018)

Mia Vicky Fangel (2019)

Ida Ehlers Albertsen (2020)



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