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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Head of the section: Rafal Wisniewski 

Research Profile
Automation & Control is concerned with mathematical and computational techniques for modeling, estimation, monitoring, and control of systems and processes. Automation & Control provides the field of electrical and computer engineering with paradigms for designing control solutions to existing and novel problems in a variety of application domains. Current applications range from space and robotics to ventilating and air conditioning.
We do research - by researchers and students engaged in a range of basic and applied research, which is supported by government agencies and industry sponsors. We disseminate the research results and translate scientific discoveries into practical knowledge and technological innovations. Automation and Control research falls within the following major themes:
Space Technology - Our main research within space technology include the fields of attitude determination and control, fault detection and isolation, including fault tolerant control, ground station networks and satellite system engineering. The research is applied to single satellite missions as well as formation flying. Read more...
Contact: Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen
Mobile Robotics - The objective of the robotics theme is to research and explore the nature of control, cognition, computing and systems in robotics. A primary aim is to extend engineering methods to deal with open-ended and frequently changing real-world environments. In order to meet this challenge, a mix of scientific theory and technology is needed in conjunction with new systems design, engineering principles and implementations for robotics. Read more...  
Contact: Thomas Bak
Hybrid Systems - A hybrid system is a dynamical system with both discrete and continuous components. Despite wide spread of hybrid systems in industry; a systematic study of interaction between discrete and continuous phenomena is in its infancy. The group aims at developing strong theoretical foundations for industrial hybrid systems. The anticipated outcome is a spectrum of modeling formalisms and methods. Read more...   
Contact: Rafal Wisniewski
Energy Conversion Systems - models and control systems for all types of energy conversion systems. The research is performed in close cooperation with Danish industry in order to meet demands from modern society. Recent research within the group includes the use of extended Kalman filter to obtain coal moisture content, Model Predictive Control of a marine boiler, adaptive and predictive control of refrigeration systems, gain scheduled predictive control of Benson boiler at low load, as well as robust and predictive control of wind turbines.
Contact: Palle Andersen
Reconfigurable Systems - The theme considers control systems that are subjected to or in need of reconfiguration. An example is a system that experiences a fault causing the control system to malfunction. In some cases, that fault can be detected and to some extent accommodated by a reconfiguration of the control system. Another example is an existing control system, which is equipped with new hardware in terms of actuators or sensors, or where a new subsystem is introduced.
Contact: Jakob Stoustrup


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