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Organization profile

Organisation profile

Head of research center: Anna Marie Fisker

Research focus

  • Designing packaging and foods
  • Innovative thinking in the food sector
  • New ways, methods and meals in the food services sector
  • Realisation of new value-creating connections to the public food services

Center for Food Science, Design & Experience has wide and intersectoral project portfolio, with collaborations with the private sector, cultural actors, experts, European universities, scientists as well as artists and other professionals within the fields of food, architecture, art and history.

Center for Food Science, Design & Experience manages and coordinates several food-related projects, among these with focus on children and health, the meal experience, the role of the room and space as well as the gastronomic improvement of hospital meals. The Center has been the facilitator for the part of SpisNord which is called ‘Smag, Design og Oplevelse’ (Taste, Design and Experience) where we conducted match-making between food corporations, research institutions, cooking schools and innovative chefs in the private sector to develop new innovative food-related projects.

Knowledge application
The practice-oriented research at Center for Food Science, Design & Experience has a broad group of recipients ranging from children and schools to canteens, hospitals, the private sector, local, regional, and national authorities and the international research community. The dissemination of our work and result is done through presentations, events and activities, the press and through collaborations. The research is additionally disseminated through scientific journals and at international conferences.

Examples of projects managed by Center for Food Science, Design & Experience:

  • Learn4Health (Erasmus+ Projekt focused on children, health and food literacy)
  • CRAFT (Erasmus+ Projekt promoting European cultural heritage)
  • Feed Europe (Projekt challenging current discussions on sustainability and the built environment)
  • Bord Dæk Dig (Food packaging project funded by the Danish Ministry of Health focused on the improvement of the meal experience for the elderly in Denmark)
  • MadMagi (Project focused on food, children and sustainability, collaboration with Restaurant Alchemist)


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