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    Organisation profile

    Organisation profile

    The Niels Bohr Professorship Centre for Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University, co-funded by the National Danish Research Foundation and Aalborg University under the Niels Bohr Professorships Scheme, is the first research centre in the World specifically designated to the investigations into Cultural Psychology. Cultural Psychology is a new field started in the 1990s that focuses on higher psychological processes that function within dynamic social contexts. Four content areas: cultural psychology and aesthetics in urban living, creativity processes in everyday social practices, interventions in the globalising world, and epistemology of the social sciences constitute the major arenas of scholarly innovation.

    The Centre unites the efforts of Danish scholars interested in joint research on cultural psychology (through the network of Affiliated Research Fellows) and is the major location for the international research network of "K-seminars". The Centre organises the work of the International Masters Programme of Cultural Psychology and Social Practice, and is the home for the first international doctoral and post-doctoral network in cultural psychology.


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