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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Leader of the Research Centre: Noemi Katznelson

The lives of young people are changing in the light of current societal changes. Changes that are profoundly affecting the world of youth and most areas of life including participation in institutions, democratic organizations and the labour market. The ambition of The Danish Centre for Youth Research is to understand these changes and how they affect the youth today. 

Our objectives are to:

  • Being an agenda-setting research centre in Denmark and internationally for research in youth and the lives of young people
  • Doing research that involves the perspective of the youth, which runs across and in depth of the different aspects of youth - empirically and theoretically
  • Doing interdisciplinary and problem-oriented research that is of relevance to the society and can be converted and used in practice which in the end will benefit the youth
  • Being a research centre that enters into a dialogue and collaboration with the users of the youth research - including the association behind the centre

The Danish Centre for Youth Research (CeFU) are presently working in five areas from primarily sociological, cultural anthropological, pedagogical and socio-psychological angles. The five areas of interest are: Youth and work, youth and education, youth and democracy/participation, youth and marginalization and youth, health and lifestyle.


  • Welfare State
  • Education
  • Pedagogics and Learning
  • Sociology and Social Conditions
  • Psychology


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