Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Established in 2021, the Centre on Sustainable and Digital Transformation assumes as its starting point the need of a profound transformation to ensure a liveable future for all. The required transformation is, at the same time, sustainable and digital, and it includes the multitude of social, environmental, and technological elements that constitute the fabric of humankind practices of living in a common world.  

By taking this perspective, the Centre on Sustainable and Digital Transformation aims at promoting - at AAU and beyond - research projects, educational content, and social as well as professional practices, that take as a starting point the combination of the human, social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability with the design, production, assessment of, and engagement with digital technologies. To achieve its goals, the Centre activities are oriented toward: 1) mapping the state of the art of research and practices combining sustainability and digitalization; 2) generating new ideas to promote the overall goal of a sustainable and digital transformation, with a particular attention to practices of living in a common world; 3) constructing material that can support the development of competences bringing together sustainability and digital technologies, in research and society at large; 4) boosting interdisciplinary research proposals on the core themes of the centre; 5) infrastructuring opportunities, for researchers, students, and society at large, to explore and experiment with new ways of thinking about sustainable and digital transformations.


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