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Organization profile

Organisation profile

Chemical Process Engineering is the branch of engineering science which focuses on the transformation of low-value raw materials into high-value goods supporting the everyday life of people, such as food, drugs, fuel, automotive and packaging materials, fabrics, adhesives, bio-compatible materials (e.g. contact lenses, implants and prosthetics). This transformation typically requires a number of physical steps (separation and purification processes) and chemical steps (chemical reactions), which need to be combined in an optimal way to give the desired products with minimal consumption of raw materials and energy, minimal impact on the environment and safety for the operators.

Chemical Process Engineering is the scientific area focusing on conceptual, equipment, control and monitoring aspects of both single process units (separation units and chemical reactors) and their overall combination. The unitary principles of Chemical Process Engineering find therefore application in a wide range of industries, spanning from traditional to new areas.

Research flagships

  • Oil and Gas Processes
  • Supercritical Fluids
  • Membrane Separation
  • Process Monitoring and Chemometrics
  • Process design and simulation of Refinery & Biorefinery processes


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