Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Design for Sustainability (DFS)

  • Design is understood as purposeful attempts to change the existing practices into something more preferable
  • Design is about forming ‘objects’ that intervenes in status quo by ‘setting people and things in motion’, lay-people, professionals etc..
  • Design is also about non-linearity and emergence as the responses and effects of intervention are unpredictable for both social and material stakeholders
  • There is wide recognition amongst practitioners and academics that design can foster both creativity, innovation and change  - economists, engineers, doctors, the Bible and the Pope etc…


Research areas

  •  Staging collaborative design in health care amongst the elderly people with dementia (Pro-Active Care for Elderly with dementia - PACE)
    • Staging front end innovation
  • Sustainable production and consumption:
    • Circular Economy as design of strategies, tools, systems to create an re-generative economy
    • Design of new bio-materials and production processes (construction sector)
  • Valuation devices, markets and politics:
    • The role of designed calculative devices for financial and social valuation and re-valuation of energy resources in Denmark
  • Design of Pedagogic approaches to Sustainable Engineering - adapting the engineering sciences to be at the service of sustainability goals


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