Projects 2010 2022

Gender and citizenship

Siim, B. & Mokre, M.


Project: Research

The challenges from Populism to Equality and Diversity

Siim, B. & Fiig, C.


Project: Research

Women and Poverty - Countryprofile Denmark

Faber, S. T. & Emerek, R. L.


Project: Consultancy

Citizens' activism and solidarity movements in contemporary Europe

Siim, B., Saarinen, A. & Krasteva, A.


Project: Research

Diversity and Contestations over Nationalism in Europe and Canada

Siim, B., Fossum, J. & Kastoreyano, R.


Project: Research

Kortlægning af køn, uddannelse og befolkningsstrømme

Faber, S. T., Pristed Nielsen, H. & Bennicke, K. B.


Project: Research

RAGE: Hate Speech and Populist 'Othering' through the racism, age and gender looking glass

Meret, S., Lazaridis, G., Siim, B., Campani, G., Sauer, B., Pajnik, M., Benveniste, A., Saarinen, A. & Krasteva, A.


Project: Research

Remapping Gender, Place and Mobility: Global Confluences and Local Particularities in Nordic Peripheries

Faber, S. T., Pristed Nielsen, H., Hovgaard, G., Paulgaard, G., Eriksson, M., Penttinen, E., Munkejord, M. C., Bloksgaard, L., Siim, B., Christensen, A. P., Stoltz, P., Kirkeby, A., Freeman, C., Møller, K. T., Emerek, R. L., Hansen, C. D., Madsen, D. H., Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir, U. D. & Tollefsen, A.


Project: Research

Gender Equality Policies

Faber, S. T. & Emerek, R. L.


Project: Research

Unge på kanten - køn, lokalitet og uddannelse

Faber, S. T., Bloksgaard, L., Hansen, C. D. & Møller, K. T.


Project: Research

Solidarity beyond the Nation State

Siim, B. & Banting, K.


Project: Research

Researching Difference

Pristed Nielsen, H., Bloksgaard, L., Kennedy-Macfoy, M., Faber, S. T., Lund Thomsen, T., Jørgensen, M. B., Jensen, S. Q. & Spanger, M.


Project: Research

RECODE: Responding to Complex Diversity in Europe and Canada

Siim, B., Banting, K., Kraus, P., Kastoryanno, R. & Fossum, J. E.


Project: Research