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    Thomas Manns Vej 23, 1-256

    9220 Aalborg Øst


Organization profile

Organisation profile

Head of research group
Per Møldrup

We conduct research and research-based teaching with focus on water, gas, and chemical transport and fate in soil and groundwater systems. Our research and teaching include local-area infiltration of rainwater during climate change scenarios, vadose zone infiltration and recharge of groundwater under both urban and cultivated land areas, quantification of soil physical and hydrological processes across temporal and spatial scales, as well as evaluation of risk scenarios for present and future groundwater resources.

We are part of the AAU Arctic Center and we presently explore how to use local glacial rock flour to improve arctic soil physical, chemical, and mechanical functions; with focus on and a number of project locations in Southern Greenland. We investigate fundamental mass transport properties (air, oxygen, moisture, and heat) in soils and sustainable building materials in close collaboration with the departments Architectural Engineering section. We also have a tight collaboration on both research and teaching with private consulting companies including WatsonC.


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