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Head of research group: Søren Munch Lindhard

Our research

Research focus

The Construction Management Research Group has a broad focus on the processes from the idea phase through the programming, design, execution, operation and to the final demolition:

  • Time planning and scheduling
  • Productivity and lean management
  • Sustainability, circularity and waste management
  • Risk management
  • Worker safety

Societal challenges

The construction sector plays an important role in relation to a number of societal challenges. The industry is central due to its contribution to GDP as well as the waste generation, the resource consumption and the value of constructions in a national perspective. Therefore, the construction process is important in relation to both the industry’s productivity and its climate footprint.

Need for new knowledge

The construction sector has a need for new knowledge in relation to a wide range of challenges. One major challenge relates to ensuring efficient management and high productivity on the construction site where the construction sector has not achieved a significant growth compared to the manufacturing industry. In addition, many construction projects have issues with complying to time, budget and quality agreements, for time, economy and quality and a high frequency of work accidents. Moreover, the industry is faced with a number of challenges relating to improving the sustainability of the industry.

Research efforts

Construction management is focal in the research group's work. This includes all aspects relating to the management and leadership of a construction project right from the idea phase through the programming, design, execution, operation and to the final demolition or dismantling of the building.

The research group focuses on improving knowledge and tools in time planning. Efforts are being made to create an increased understanding of the duration and interrelationships between activities, in order to ensure a more robust time planning by reducing the likelihood of delay and by ensuring a more efficient controlled and managed construction process.

Increased productivity and efficient management of the construction processes is another focus area, here the focus is on creating a Lean construction process, an improved risk management as well as an improved on site working environment and working environment culture.

In addition, the research group works with various elements of sustainability, this includes waste management as well as circular aspects. Here, focus is on the processes and problems that relate to the site work.


The research group is part of several collaborations across BUILD’S own research groups. The collaboration is established when the research includes aspects that relate to the construction management, the construction processes or the construction site. The research group also participates in external collaborations, both in relation to scientific publications, but also in relation to fund applications and research projects.

Finally, companies from the Danish construction industry are a significant collaborating partner.


  • Construction
  • Construction management


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