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Organization profile

Organisation profile

Head of Research Group: Kirsten Engelund Thomsen.

Both in regards to new building construction and renovation of existing buildings, there is great potential for improving energy efficiency. For example, 1/3 of Denmark's energy consumption is used for space heating. This necessitates considerable effort in energy-efficient renovation.

Need for new knowledge

There is a great need to establish how much technical requirements for new construction and renovation can improve overall energy efficiency. Which instruments have the greatest impact on energy consumption, and how can we influence building owners to implement energy-efficient renovations?

Research efforts 

The research group examines new possibilities for integrated energy production in buildings. In addition, the group will analyse and optimize the interaction between buildings and supply systems in order to activate the buildings dynamics for smoothing out supply fluctuations. 

Furthermore, the group carries out analyses and demonstration projects, in order to demonstrate in practice how significant reductions in energy consumption can be achieved while maintaining a good indoor climate.

The group will continue to work on assessing the potential of the entire building stock for energy efficiency in the long term in connection with renovation.

Finally, the group conducts surveys of user experiences and satisfaction with energy-efficient new construction and refurbished construction. 


The research group collaborates with Danish building authorities, international research institutions and the EU Commission to strengthen the scientific basis for the requirements of the energy consumption of buildings.

In cooperation with the building industry, national and international work is being done on the development of calculation methods, standards and guidelines aimed at increased energy and environmental requirements for new buildings and renovations. This collaboration includes projecting architects, consulting engineers, contractors, construction industry, builders, housing associations and municipalities.


The group helps to analyse and define revisions of the energy requirements in the Danish building regulations.

The group develops tools and SBi-Directions that can help project architects and engineers, executives and suppliers, as well as owners and users of buildings, to achieve energy savings. This work is based on a holistic view that includes energy supply, construction technology, architecture, functionality, operation and maintenance, as well as health, indoor climate and economy.

Finally, the knowledge is translated and conveyed into practice through the continued and further training of building professionals at SBi-courses and at the master's program in building physics.



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