Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Head of research group: Ernst Jan de Place Hansen

Our research

Research focus

  • Building envelope and building physics - design and buildability​
  • Construction and safety​
  • Building acoustics and sound insulation​
  • Durability and service life​
  • Documentation of new materials​
  • Recycling and reuse of materials ​
  • Building regulations​
  • Climate change

Buildings must last a hundred years and continue to meet the needs and expectations of users and society and be safe to use. Many buildings need renovation. At the same time, construction is challenged by the internationalization of rules, construction products and labour.

Need for new knowledge

Several unresolved issues exist regarding renewing buildings so that they remain attractive without any problems with moisture, poor indoor climate, and poor security. How can we insulate and incorporate new materials, components, and innovative solutions into existing structures without failing? Some of the same problems arise in new construction. There is a great need for knowledge about the prevention of construction failure, which is estimated to cost DKK 15-20 billion a year.

Research efforts

The research group investigates the robustness of various climate-screening solutions, including whether the previous requirements for building parts and components are sufficient in the future regarding the expected effects of climate change. The airtightness of the climate shield is of special interest, and the group is investigating the possibilities of using new materials with moisture properties other than traditional materials. A special effort is focused on examining the extent that a given building can be made suitable for interior insulation and what is needed to make that possible.


The research group collaborates with the building and housing sector and building authorities to develop building technology solutions that can be applied in practice and that meet the functional requirements of building legislation. The group also collaborates with research institutions and companies, including in EU-funded projects, to collect and employ experience and research results internationally.


The research group’s knowledge is put into practice through the continuing education of professionals through SBi courses and the master’s programme in building physics. Furthermore, the group describes best practices in SBi guidelines.


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