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Organization profile

Organisation profile

Head of research group
Kjeld Svidt

The reserach group is associated with the Division of Architectural Engineering.

The Building Informatics group works with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. We study how ICT tools are introduced to generate, capture, store, manipulate, transfer and deliver information between organizations, persons and computerized artefacts. Our research is focused on design collaboration, integration and structuring of IT tools in the entire building process.

Special research areas, comprising both design and analyses, are knowledge representations and model integration, knowledge communication and discovery, human computer interfaces including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality interfaces to digital building models. We also focus on digital infrastructures, building product information modelling and handling, and languages and systems for integration of building process related information. Demonstrator development plays a central role in the research methodology and in the highly emphasized industry collaboration, and design of the Virtual Building (VB), which we define as "a formalized digital description of an existing or planned building, which can be used to fully simulate and communicate the behavior of the real building in its expected contexts".

Current research areas:

  • Formalisation of building processes and products from systems viewpoint.
  • Knowledge representations and knowledge augmentation.
  • Space and time dependent Virtual Building models.
  • Knowledge transfer methodologies. Learning organisations. Data mining.
  • Collaborative work (Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Concurrent engin­eering).
  • Intelligent buildings.


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