Organization profile

Head of research group: Ahmed Karam Abdelfattah Mostafa

Research focus

  • Optimization of freight transport through the use of new technologies, in particular tracking technologies and blockchain technology​
  • Collaborative logistics among large logistics companies​
  • Multimodal transport and port management​
  • Optimization of freight delivery in urban areas​
  • Minimization of environmental impacts of freight transport

The need for new knowledge
Our research focus is optimization of freight transport through the use of new technologies and new data, in particular tracking technologies and blockchain technology. Optimization is seen both in relation to the business model of the companies—and thus the value propositions of new technologies in the field—and in relation to the surrounding society, i.e. minimization of congestion and emissions from the industry.

Research efforts
We use a range of methodologies, ranging from quantitative methods (i.e. GI science, statistics and logistics modelling) to qualitative methods (i.e. interviews and observation studies. The Freight Transport Research Group contains a broad spectrum of strategic capabilities consisting of experts strategically collected from several countries around the globe with different backgrounds such as transport, logistics, tracking technologies, computer science and business.

Collaborations and application
We have a significant project portfolio with a combined budget of more than 25.000.000 DKK. The research group maintains a close relationship and collaboration with key companies and public authorities in the freight transport field. Danish Research Center for Freight Transport (DRCFT) is also anchored in the research group; a research center with member organisations from and interested parties in the Danish freight transport industry and with the goal of enhancing the knowledge level of the Danish freight transport industry and to increase public awareness of the importance, opportunities and challenges of freight transportation.


  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Freight transport


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