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Organisation profile

Head of research group
Erik Kjems

Road Modelling broadly covers the design and construction of roads and contains all utilities that can be attached to a road both above and below ground. Our research revolves around the virtual description of the road, with the road being modelled using CAD and 3D modelling tools. The aim is to form a basis for a real object-oriented virtual use in relation with for instance Building Information Modelling (BIM).

We are also working with the concept of a Digital Twin, which aims at creating the digital base for further automation, for example in the context of Smart City concepts, ITS in transport, and many other actions. Digital Twin aims at creating a virtual world with the premise that any physical object must be digitally represented as a virtual object. A vital brick in implementing this technology is Augmented Reality (AR), which is designated to be the future mass media and could work like a "Google search engine” fetching information relevant to the location you are in with overlaid information presented for instance on a tablet in the field. This technology will become indispensable in the handling (including operation and maintenance) of the physical infrastructure in the future.


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