Research Output 1989 2021


A Method of Determining Objective Perceptual Quality of Noisy Speech Signals

Boldt, J. B., Gran, F. & Christensen, M. G., 2017, Patent No. EP16187961.4A, Priority date 24 Sep 2015

Research output: Patent

Hearing Device and Method with Non-Intrusive Speech Intelligibility

Sørensen, C., Boldt, J. B., Xenaki, A., Kavalekalam, M. S. & Christensen, M. G., 2017, Patent No. EP17181107.8, Priority date 13 Jul 2017

Research output: Patent

Kalman filtering based speech enhancement using a codebook based approach

Kavalekalam, M. S., Christensen, M. G., Gran, F. & Boldt, J., 2017, Patent No. EP16159858.6A, Priority date 11 Mar 2016

Research output: Patent

Real-time loudspeaker distance estimation with stereo audio

Nielsen, J. K., 3 Jan 2017, IPC No. H04S7/00, Patent No. US9538309 B2, Priority date 24 Feb 2015

Research output: Patent

Open Access
Acoustic wave velocity

Speech Intelligibility-Based Hearing Devices and Associated Methods

Boldt, J. B., Sørensen, C. & Johannesson, R. B., 2017, Patent No. EP17170175.8

Research output: Patent


Method and system for manipulating a digital representation of a three-dimensional object

Scherer, R., Timcenko, O., Clark, N. & Acker, P., 2010, Patent No. US7755620 (A1), 13 Jul 2010

Research output: Patent

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