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Aims of the network:

 The focus of FOSO research activity is the enablement of service users, and of marginalized persons more generally, to take control over their own lives through critical research into the field of social work. This research includes user/centred and/or practitioner-oriented approaches to social work practice and study of the institutional structures which contextualise those practices.



  1. Exploration of the perspectives of social work practitioners and/or services users/marginalized persons in relation to a range of social issues.
  2. Exploration of how social work practitioners and/or service users/marginalized persons respond creatively to their social locations i.e. to explore what is their own agency in welfare processes.
  3. Exploring the social construction of social problems and the implications of these processes for social work practice and the enablement of service users/marginalized persons.
  4. Study of the institutional structures contextualising/shaping social work practice (including, for example, law, regulative structures, welfare systems, organisational structures). 
  5. Via all the above, promoting strategies by which social workers and/or service users/marginalized persons can assist service users/marginalized persons to take more control over their own lives.
  6. In the course of engaging in all of the above to:
    • Develop theory from practice
    • Develop research methods
    • Promote use of theory in social work practice
    • Develop social work methods


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