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  • A Global Building Occupant Behavior Database

    Dong, B., Liu, Y., Mu, W., Jiang, Z., Pandey, P., Hong, T., Olesen, B., Lawrence, T., O’Neil, Z., Andrews, C., Azar, E., Bandurski, K., Bardhan, R., Bavaresco, M., Berger, C., Burry, J., Carlucci, S., Chvatal, K., De Simone, M., Erba, S., & 37 othersGao, N., Graham, L. T., Grassi, C., Jain, R., Kumar, S., Kjærgaard, M., Korsavi, S., Langevin, J., Li, Z., Lipczynska, A., Mahdavi, A., Malik, J., Marschall, M., Nagy, Z., Neves, L., O’Brien, W., Pan, S., Park, J. Y., Pigliautile, I., Piselli, C., Pisello, A. L., Rafsanjani, H. N., Rupp, R. F., Salim, F., Schiavon, S., Schwee, J., Sonta, A., Touchie, M., Wagner, A., Walsh, S., Wang, Z., Webber, D. M., Yan, D., Zangheri, P., Zhang, J., Zhou, X. & Zhou, X., 28 Jun 2022, In: Scientific Data. 9, 1, 369.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

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  • Bridging the gap from test rooms to field-tests for human indoor comfort studies: A critical review of the sustainability potential of living laboratories

    Cureau, R. J., Pigliautile, I., Pisello, A. L., Bavaresco, M., Berger, C., Chinazzo, G., Deme Bèlafi, Z., Ghahramani, A., Heydarian, A., Kastner, D., Kong, M., Licina, D., Luna-Navarro, A., Mahdavi, A., Nocente, A., Schweiker, M., Vellei, M. & Wang, A., Oct 2022, In: Energy Research & Social Science. 92, 102778.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

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  • Documenting occupant models for building performance simulation: a state-of-the-art

    Vellei, M., Azar, E., Bandurski, K., Berger, C., Carlucci, S., Dong, B., Favero, M., Mahdavi, A. & Schweiker, M., 29 Jun 2022, In: Journal of Building Performance Simulation. 15, 5, p. 634-655 22 p.

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  • IBPSA Outstanding Young Contributor Award

    Berger, Christiane (Recipient), Sep 2021

    Prize: Research, education and innovation prizes