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Human Centred Health Informatics & Participation (CHIP) is a research programme at Aalborg University promoting research and education in the direct involvement of people in innovation, design and appropriation of health informatics.

CHIP is rooted in strong Scandinavian participatory approaches to design of Information Technology (IT) which have formed the ground for research and education in Human Centred Informatics at Aalborg University (AAU) since 1983. We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, students and collaborators who share research visions, questions, methods, and activities on health informatics. Our mission is to complement and expand current health IT with alternatives that bring quality to people and use situations. In general, our research contributes to an understanding of users and use situations and brings perspectives, realities, and visions from people and practices into the design and use of health informatics. Our research approach is participatory. We develop and use methods and theories focused on understanding and engaging people and practice in the challenge of innovating future health IT. We do research collaboration with public health organisations like municipalities, regions, hospitals, health shops, GPs, care homes, and institutions for people with disabilities. We engage with industrial partners on research, development and redesign of present and future health technologies. We co-operate with citizens – people whose lives are affected by illness, disabilities, or a general aim or need of wellness.x


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