Department of Sociology and Social Work

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    Kroghstræde 7

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Organization profile

Head of Department
Trond Beldo Klausen

The Department conducts research, teaching and knowledge collaboration with the surrounding society at the highest academic level within the fields of sociology and social work. 

We are in charge of a PhD programme and offer both bachelor's, master's and part-time programmes within sociology and social work. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is in the core of our educational activities where we combine theory and practice and students are urged to consider actual problems in their studies.

The department is located at the main campus of Aalborg University in Aalborg with a branch at the Copenhagen campus. 


Research at the Department of Sociology and Social Work is organised within a number of research groups that represent cutting-edge expertise in the fields of: social differentiation, social control, criminology, social geography, demography, sociology of health, everyday life, social norms, emotions and formation of identity and meaning, organisation and management, service user perspectives in social work, social work with vulnerable children and young people, social problems, the governance of social work, and social work and employment policy.

Study programmes


The Department of Sociology and Social Work offers a range of bachelor and master programmes covering various societal fields and perspectives. The department offers two BAs, Sociology and Social Work, and three MAs: Sociology, Social Work and Criminology as well as two international MAs in Social Work: NOSWEL (Nordic Master’s Programme in Social Work and Welfare) and ADVANCES (Advanced Development in Social Work). The department also offers a part-time continuing adult education programme aimed at employed professionals within the field of social work, Master in Vulnerable Children and Young People (MBU).

All programmes apply problem-based learning where students are urged to consider actual problems in their studies. The academic staff and affiliated teachers are engaged in research, which inspires and shapes what are being taught across all levels in the department’s programmes.

Doctoral programme

The Department of Sociology and Social Work has approximately 20 PhD students in house, often working in collaboration with other departments and universities.  

When you are part of our research education programme, you are enrolled at The Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Every PhD student's professional profile is linked to one of the department’s core fields of research: Sociology, Social Work or Working Life and Organization.


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