Organization profile

Organisation profile

Vision:  We believe in improving the quality of life for people with impaired sensory or motor capabilities

Mission:  We aim to develop innovative solutions that are inspired by and integrated with human biology to create knowledge that leads to novel neurorehabilitation systems and strategies.

We work by….1)  By bridging animal and human research, 2) By revealing, understanding and modulating neuroplastic mechanisms in the PNS (somatic and autonomic) and CNS in the healthy body, and in disease development and prevention, 3)  By investigating and controlling sensory-motor functionalities in the healthy body or in diseases affecting the nervous systems

Our research ‘’tool box’’ and methodological approach. We have a strong technological and engineering approach to problem solving. We have a strong electrophysiological foundation within the areas of neural engineering and neuroscience, and bring in other relevant research disciplines where necessary. Our work involves animal models, human volunteers, and patients including both forward and backward translational research


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