Neurobiological Research and Drug Delivery

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    Fredrik Bajers Vej 3B

    9220 Aalborg


Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Head of research group: Torben Moos


Who we are?

The group encompasses these members: Prof. Torben Moos, Assoc. Prof. Ove Wiborg, Assoc. Prof. Louiza Bohn Thomsen, Asst. Prof. Annette Burkhart, Asst. Prof. Maj Schneider Thomsen, Postdoc Lisa Juul Routhe, PhD Student Eva Hede Olsen, PhD Student Steinunn Sara Helgudottir, PhD Student Charlotte L.M. Rasmussen, PhD Student Amanda Clement, Technician Merete Fredsgaard and Technician Hanne Krone Nielsen.


Our research – what we do?

We focus on understanding the biology of the brain’s vasculature both in health and pathology. We also focus on the restraints of the brain’s vasculature for drug delivery. We develop strategies for delivery of drugs to the brain using, e.g. gene therapy, therapeutic nanoparticles and antibodies intended for treatment of patients with brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Niemann-Picks disease and brain cancer. Our experimental models are primarily based on rodent in vivo models and in vitro primary cell culture models.


How does our research contribute to societal health challenges?

We contribute with basic knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the brain vasculature, which is useful for increasing the knowledge about the development and progression of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, hemorrhage and brain cancer. We also contribute to optimizing existing treatment and developing new treatment strategies for multiple types of brain diseases.


Who are our key collaborators?

We collaborate with leading scientists from University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Uppsala University, University of Hamburg and other research groups at Aalborg University. Furthermore, we collaborate with leading national and international pharmaceutical companies.


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